Boat Cleaning and Detailing - Pompano Beach Boat Concierge Services

Basic Boat Cleaning Services (BBCS)

  • Initial BBCS - $8.00/ft. (this includes inside of compartments).                        
  • All future BBCS will be $4.00/ft.

Basic Cleanings includes:

  • Cleaning of vessel’s exterior with boat soap and rinsing
  • Glass Cleaning or Polishing
  • Bug and fish blood stains removal
  • Windows cleaning
  • Isinglass polishing
  • Canvas, Cockpit, and Vinyl cleaning with added protectant

Detail Cleaning – $10.00 per foot

  • Includes all Basic Cleaning items
  • Vessel is cleaned and dried
  • Carpets are shampooed
  • Compartments are emptied, cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant
  • Stainless steel and rub rail cleaning and treated
  • Motor compartments cleaned and wiped down
  • Vinyl, canvas and Isinglass cleaned, protected, and polished
  • Gauges and cockpit cleaned

 Detail with Wax – $15-30.00 per foot, by bid.

  • Includes all Detail Cleaning items

 Detail with compound or wet sanding for restoration by bid

  • Includes Detail with Wax package, but before the wax is applied all of the vessel’s fiberglass is machined buffed with an aggregate compound based on the severity of the gel-coat condition. When the desired finish is obtained, the boat is completely waxed with an oil based wax and then polished.